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When it comes to accounting, an innovative recruitment agency will look beyond the expected sources for talent. And much like accounting, success at Groom & Associates relies upon intuition, the willingness to explore all possible options, the ability to dig deeper for the right answer, and plenty of dynamism and drive. Accounting staffing is as much an art as science – method and application driven by rigor and attention to detail contribute to finding accounting staff that fit the wide range of this sector’s requirements.

The Groom & Associates Difference

Accounting is a profession that has wholeheartedly embraced the information age. Technology has proven to be a boon to the sector; creating an ease of communication and connectivity that has dramatically reduced the time it takes to do much of the work. That’s made room for increased creativity and innovation; both in how talent is formed and the career path they follow. Communication and connectivity are also the guiding principle by which Groom & Associates approaches accounting recruitment. We’re constantly adding to an ever-growing network of contacts that reach far beyond the expected sources where others look for candidates. We’ve eyes and ears in Canada’s top financial education institutions, and we’re aware of those with the potential to rise to the top before they’ve even set foot in their first place of employ. Our connections within accounting’s professional associations also give us a distinct advantage – we know who’s getting the praise and why. We keep tabs on where the best talent is and we understand what it takes to transform them from being someone else’s star employee into being yours.

From controller to payables, receivables and payroll, from bookkeeping to clerk – accounting covers a variety of sub-disciplines that must all work in accord to produce the right balance of effectiveness, accuracy and timeliness. Business moves fast, and accounting staff has to be able to keep up – so does Groom & Associates, without fail. We’ve helped some of Canada’s leading corporations strike that optimum equilibrium, and it’s allowed us to become one of the top accounting staffing agencies in the country.

Groom & Associates’ accounting staffing experts spend a great deal of time keeping their knowledge of current accounting industry practices and protocol fully up-to-date. In fact, if we weren’t so passionate about being recruitment perfectionists we’d be ideal accounting staff candidates ourselves. An intimate familiarity and direct career exposure to the sector are crucial to being able to serve our clients as well as they expect. Finding the right employee is something you entrust to experts, and while your grasp of the many facets of accounting is without question, the time and effort you have at your disposal to undertake and complete a search for a candidate can be a distraction and a drain on your productivity and efficiency. Then there’s the void created by a position you’ve no time to fill. All of that and more becomes our principal task at hand when you call Groom & Associates. It’s our day-to-day, and we wake up mornings looking forward to it. You do the numbers and leave the recruitment to us. That’s not only good business; it’s good for business, yours and ours.

What our clients are saying...

Groom & Associates have been serving Dorel in Montreal for 18 years and have helped us fill many positions, principally in our finance group. Practically all of the hires completed through Groom are still with us today, a testament to the great job they do; matching the candidate to our company and our culture. Recently, Groom successfully completed a challenging mandate by placing temporary hires in our China office. They were able to source several qualified candidates from which we selected two for specific mandates. This really opens up Groom as an international placement agency for us, and we’re sure to need them again in the future given our growing worldwide presence.

Dorel Industries inc.Ian F.C. Farthing
CPA (CGA), CPA U.S. – Group CFO, Juvenile
Dorel Industries Inc.

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Our Accounting Recruitment Experts

There’s no mystery behind the success we at Groom & Associates have enjoyed finding and placing first rate accounting staff with our clients. We know what we’re doing because we know what they’re doing, how to reach them and make their talent available to you. Our accounting recruiters derive their expertise from experience in the sector. Not merely products of the industry, some were educated and employed within it, others specialized as accounting recruiters because they simply have a passion for it – no matter the reason for their commitment, working with Groom & Associates means you’re always working with professionals who are adept and at ease with accepting and overcoming any staffing challenge you throw at them. Do the numbers, you’ll see that entrusting your accounting recruitment is a decision that’s easy to justify, and even easier to make the second time.

Here are just a few of the accounting staff positions we’ve filled for our clients:

  • Controller / Chief Accountant
  • Tax Manager
  • Senior Accounting Specialist - CPA
  • Corporate Reporting Manager
  • Internal Control Manager
  • Certified Internal Auditor
  • Senior Costing Analyst
  • CFO
  • Receivables / Payables / Payroll
  • Accounting Technician / Accounting Clerk
  • Property Accountant / Bookkeeper
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Budget Analyst
  • Accounting Manager
  • Environmental Accountants
  • Risk & Compliance Professionals
  • Accounting Software Developer

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