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Business needs to run smoothly. Organization and efficiency don’t happen on their own, it takes the right people. Finding them doesn’t happen on its own either, and by the time you’ve searched for, found, hired and begun to get results with a new employee you’ll have lost valuable time and money, and perhaps missed valuable opportunities. Groom & Associates is your opportunity to sidestep the complexities of administrative and operations staffing. Our network of contacts and extensive database of candidates means the hardest work has already been done before you’ve even called.

The Groom & Associates Difference

Lost productivity and the accompanying expenses can take a toll, and unless you’re able to manage a current database of all the potential talent at your disposal, filling a staffing vacancy is going to be a problem. But one phone call will make it our problem, and at Groom & Associates we only think in terms of solutions. We’ve made it our mission to be able to respond to your needs in real time, with experts that have hands-on experience in administrative and operations personnel recruitment – so don’t be surprised to learn that many of our specialists come from the very field they’re recruiting for. It’s an in-depth, personal exposure to a sector that allows Groom & Associates to speak from authority, and with authority.

We’re called upon more often than almost any other administration or operation recruiters – and those who call are among the leaders in Canadian enterprise. Keeping your business running smoothly requires continuity; continuity requires diligence and the ability to maintain a seamless organizational structure that is fully staffed at critical times. Which is pretty much all the time, isn’t it?

Groom & Associates is your administration recruitment agency of choice. We’ve got the skill you’re looking for, both inside and out and we’ve got what it takes to keep you staffed, and your operation running at optimum levels. You’re in business to win, and winning begins with Groom & Associates.

What our clients are saying...

Marriott’s reputation was built on “great”, not “it’ll do” and we’re in a position to appreciate that a 5-star hotel can’t be without is a 5-star chef. So when this essential position needed filling it was more than a little urgent. We turned to Groom & Associates and they won our confidence by immediately grasping the intricacies of the position, demonstrating their clear understanding the profile requirements and Marriott’s screening process. They were proactive and left no stone unturned in an effort to find that rare gem we had hoped for! Based on Groom & Associates’ performance we went on to ask them find us a Director of Human Resources. Once again they came through with flying colours! Groom and Associates are great to work with and they made finding the right candidates look easy!

Montreal Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel

Brenda Rodricks
General Manager

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Our Administrative & Operations Recruitment Experts

It has taken years to build our staff of administrative and operation recruiters. They’re far more than a bridge between you and a massive pool of available talent, they’re the means and the know-how by which those candidates that most closely match your needs and specifications can be sifted from that pool and brought to your attention. Our administrative and operation scouts know where to look, know who to speak with, and work tirelessly to see that the right solution to your immediate staffing requirements is met – quickly and efficiently. Your job is to call, our specialists’ is to work tirelessly to produce results.

Here are just a few of the administrative and operation staff positions we’ve filled for our clients:

  • Administrative & Executive Assistants
  • Human Resources Director
  • Procurement Director
  • VP Operations
  • Program Manager
  • Director Project Management
  • Office Manager
  • Project Manager
  • VP Human Resources
  • Records Associate
  • Logistics Manager
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Leasing & Contracts Administrator
  • Demand Planner
  • Inventory Manager
  • Procurement Director
  • Buyer
  • Supply Chain Director

Administration & Operations Recruitment Specialist

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Recent jobs

Below are a few of our most recent administration and operations jobs.

  • 2019-08-22

    Business Development Manager – Western Canada

    (Richmond Hill)

  • 2019-08-22

    Data Breach Services Manager


  • 2019-08-22

    Data Breach Services Manager


  • 2019-08-21

    Administrative Assistant/Collections


  • 2019-08-20

    Agent Success Manager


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