September 4th 2018

The 8 perks you want at your next job

by Miriam Groom

A great deal of thought must go into choosing your next career and the company you want to work for! There are influencers that affect our choices, and by influences I’m taking about the good stuff…the freebies, the perks, and the benefits!!

Who doesn’t like added bonuses at work? I know I do! Yes, most of us get the obvious benefits, health, dental, eye care, but what about the unique benefits that will have your company standing out above the rest and attract prospective employees? Those are the benefits I’m taking about. We’ve rounded up the best and most helpful perks employers are offering. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

1. Get to your next job with a free BMW?!

Yes please! Oh wait, by BMW I’m referring to a Bus Metro Walk pass. Those of us who work downtown, where parking is a hassle tend to depend on public transportation as our main means of getting to work. Truth is, those monthly passes can put a big dent in your pocket. To ease these costs, many companies are paying their employees public transit pass.

2. You get a Visa card, you get a Visa card, you get a Visa card…you all get Visa cards!!!! (Said in my Oprah voice)

We all get stressed at work, it’s inevitable. If you’re one who doesn’t then please call me and tell me your secret! When we do have those jam-packed stressful days we all un-wind differently. Personally, myself and a couple people at the office love to sweat it out. Some clients, our IT department worked with offer wellness perks. One company gave each employee a $250 monthly Visa card, they could use for anything fitness and wellness related, the gym, yoga, even massages. Well sign me up!!!

3. Vacation Day!!

We all love time off, aren’t those long weekends beautiful? But, let’s face it people!!! The Fridays before a long weekend just seem to drag on and on, like this one today. We eagerly watch our clock tick down until the end of our working day. (All I’ve been doing since 8am) Well, guess what…the employees have complained and the employers have answered these prayers. Half-days before the start of a long weekend is a perk many office-based jobs, like Groom & Associates employees, are being given the privilege of. Some even opt for the full day off! Those couple hours or full-day off make a difference and allows us to kick-start our weekend early.

4. Take me out!

Working full time essentially means that we see our co-workers during the week more than our own family…sorry mom! So, having meaningful relationships with our co-workers is critical to a healthy work environment, they are our second family after all! Here at Groom & Associates, we are spoiled with monthly team lunches MMM….monthly 5a7’s both in and out of the office. It gets our team talking about something else then the 500th email of the day. Whenever we get treated out, it’s full of laughter, food and wine. Vino please!

Can there ever be enough perks and benefits? We here at Groom & Associates think not and let’s be honest, sometimes it’s the little things our companies do that make a difference!

5. Caffeine, an employee’s best friend!

Providing coffee to your employees is an added bonus to their morning. Getting coffee helps us avoid those long Starbucks lines and saves us extra money. Who doesn’t love caffeine, especially when it’s free and unlimited!

6. Puppies and doggies and everything fluffy!

Did you know that dogs reduce stress levels? Many Universities have “dog days” where they bring in puppies to help reduce students stress levels during exam period. Allow employees a day a month, to bring in their dogs and watch their moods instantly shift!

7. Mr. or Mrs. Clean?

So this one is my favourite one! I get home exhausted at the end of my day and want to Netflix and chill. But, the dishes are calling my name, the washer and dryer are just staring at me, the floors want nothing to do with me. I’ve neglected them and they need some love, care, and a good cleaning. Some companies actually hire maids for their employees that go to their home once a week and clean. This is what I’m talking about!! Imagine getting home to a spotless house. Dreams can come true!

8. Gamers Unite.

Let us not forget entertainment perks since we all love to have fun! Google has a game room with ping-pong and pool tables, so employees can have a little fun during their lunch hours. Not enough fun for you? Some companies will even offer event tickets for concerts or sporting events.

Now that we’ve rounded up the best, and most desirable employee benefits and perks, get into that office and ask for it all! Just kidding. We don’t want to get you fired. But, next time don’t hesitate to ask what’s included in your benefits package. You may be surprised.

Miriam Groom

VP of Operations

Miriam has experience with a wide range of clients, from small high growth organizations to some of the largest global organizations. Industries include consumer goods, retail, energy, manufacturing, food and beverage, chemical, mining and metals, plastics and packaging, distribution and logistics. Miriam has conducted mid to senior-level recruitment engagements across a variety of functions including directors, business and corporate development, sales & marketing, finance, engineering, and operations.