August 28th 2017

What exactly can a staffing agency do for you?

by Miriam Groom

Whatever your hiring needs may be, it might very well be most efficient to consult with a staffing agency to get the job done. While it is exciting to meet potential candidates, it often overlooked that it is an incredibly time consuming task. As the employer, you want the best possible candidate with the most relevant experience--and sifting through resumes and sitting through interviews and follow ups is taxing. 

Above all, a staffing agency can lead you to highly skilled candidates that you might not find through your own postings. You may be asking yourself, but what exactly can a staffing agency do for you?

1. Top view of the employment marketplace

Due to the nature of their work, staffing agencies have a great bird’s eye view on the various industries in the workforce. It is the agency’s job to have a crystal clear understanding of the marketplace to effectively assess potential candidates.


2. Effective job postings

Staffing agencies can help you craft an accurate and representative job description to match the job you are trying to fill. These details are paramount in helping candidates understand what the employer is looking for, ensuring that applicants are properly qualified for the job.


3. Decisions, decisions…

Another advantage to working with an agency is that the employer will receive multiple viable options to fill the position. Due to the agency’s connections within the employment marketplace, they will likely have many qualified candidates to choose from.

4. Save time and money

Of course, there are fees associated with working with a staffing agency. But we’re all familiar with the phrase: “time is money.” Basically, searching for the perfect candidate is time consuming. A primary goal for the agency is to ensure that positions are filled as efficiently and quickly as possible.

No matter the company size, no matter the industry, everyone can benefit from working with a staffing agency. Staffing agencies are experts at finding employers the right candidate as thoroughly and quickly as possible. 

Miriam Groom

VP of Operations

Miriam has experience with a wide range of clients, from small high growth organizations to some of the largest global organizations. Industries include consumer goods, retail, energy, manufacturing, food and beverage, chemical, mining and metals, plastics and packaging, distribution and logistics. Miriam has conducted mid to senior-level recruitment engagements across a variety of functions including directors, business and corporate development, sales & marketing, finance, engineering, and operations.