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Rarely do entirely new segments of industry emerge where none existed before, and even less common is the explosive growth being experienced by the cannabis industry across the western world.  Beginning with its expanding use in medical applications, the need to carefully regulate production of cannabis quickly became apparent. Just as important was the need to expertly assist in staffing for this rapidly evolving field. Groom & Associates has had the wherewithal to plan well in advance in order to position itself as a leading cannabis industry recruitment agency. Government has instituted strict, well-defined standards & qualifications for the industry, as well as criteria for its associated professionals and the need to understand them is essential. We do.


Cannabis production: what was once a cottage craft has become a full-fledged industrial enterprise with an extensive list of direct and ancillary professions that serve it.  Groom & Associates immediately recognized the opportunity to apply its wide-ranging staffing experience to cannabis industry recruiting.  A wealth of expertise allows us to draw upon resources few other recruitment agencies have at their disposal, which in turn has prepared us for the rapid emergence of legalized, regulated cannabis production.  The decades of experience we’ve acquired sourcing professionals for a host other industries is now coming to the service of this exciting new one.  

And much like our clients in other industries, those requiring the assistance of a cannabis industry recruiter immediately see the unique approach Groom & Associates presents, even from the moment of first contact.  We work differently, we think differently, and we consider each mandate to be one-of-a-kind, which means we won’t apply cookie-cutter solutions across the vast range of challenges highly specialized industries like cannabis production often require.

Cannabis Industry staffing is a perfect example of that uniqueness.  It’s a product unlike any other, once strictly illegal, later in a tenuous grey zone of legitimacy, and now becoming accepted and indeed welcomed by government and society alike.  Full-time, temporary, contract, and ultra-specialized skills, the cannabis production presents problems few other industries do, and so does finding the right professionals to staff its employers.  Groom & Associates is strictly proactive – we don’t scour the leftovers on job posting sites or poach the second rate runoff from other recruiters – we’re in a continuous conversation with leading elements within the industry, its suppliers, and educators.  It’s vital to stay in the loop, but that’s best done by being an enthusiastic participant rather than being a passive spectator.  Being a great recruitment agency means taking the initiative, scouting for candidates long before the need for them arises, knowing who’s who, where they are, and how to attract them. 

Add to that a broad network of contacts, an impressively sizable database that’s in constant growth and evolution, and leading the charge - our staff of world-class cannabis industry recruitment experts, each with a natural curiosity for new industries, and new ways to source the very best talent to staff them.

While the cannabis industry is a new one, the expertise that allowed Groom & Associates to flourish within it is one earned through countless mandates, some of which presented challenges every bit as daunting as those being encountered in this nascent segment.

We get it.  We’ve done the footwork, the groundwork, and our homework.  When we proudly claim that we’re more than up-to-speed with the needs and nuances of the cannabis industry recruitment, we mean it.


Our clients were building a medical marijuana production facility and needed to hire an experienced quality assurance professional in order to obtain the necessary Health Canada licensing. Most important was that the successful candidate fully understand the intricacies of the new product approval process all while working within extremely high standards and meeting tight regulatory deadlines.

The first contact with Groom & Associates convinced us that we’d found the right partner. Their team of recruitment experts was extremely knowledgeable and quickly identified a shortlist of ideal candidate profiles, as well as demonstrating an impressive familiarity with our industry and the challenges it faces. Their experience and expertise proved to be key in helping us fulfill our client’s mandate.

Groom & Associates’ professionalism, expertise, speed, and efficiency in what is considered to be a highly field specialized more than exceeded our expectations.

Yoram Adler

Partner, Archer Adler


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Our Cannabis Industry Experts  

Sometimes it’s important to state the obvious – any reputable recruitment agency’s search for top professionals begins with its own staff.  There’s no point claiming expertise in any field without the talent to back it up. Groom & Associates cannabis industry recruitment professionals possess the ideal career profiles for the segment, something we placed great effort in assuring.  Either we’ve hired them straight from the industry, or they’ve worked diligently to acquire the necessary proficiency and expanded their repertoire of skills to include this revolutionary new segment.  Groom & Associates is as close to a turn-key solution for the entire spectrum of cannabis industry staffing needs.  We stop at nothing to impress, and never stop trying to outdo ourselves - our reputation was built on it. 

Here are just a few of the cannabis industry positions we’ve filled for our clients:

  • Quality Assurance Associate 
  • Quality Assurance / Research & Development
  • Business Development Manager / Cosmetic & Medical Marijuana Testing
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • PHP Developer
  • Cannabis Extractor
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Human Resources Advisor
  • Marijuana and Cannabis Expert
  • Propagation Cannabis Grower
  • Security Specialist
  • Production & Formulation Staff Member
  • Oil Product Processing Specialist
  • Section Grower
  • Production Assistant
  • Medical Marijuana Grow Technician
  • Harvest Technician
  • Authorized Health Care Practitioner for Medical Marijuana
  • Marijuana Specialist And Analyst
  • Sanitation Technician

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    Food Quality Operations Manager


  • 2019-08-12

    Irrigation Manager-Cannabis


  • 2019-08-12

    Cultivation Manager


  • 2019-07-17

    Liaison Nurse


  • 2019-07-16

    Chemistry Laboratory Supervisor


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