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Recruitment is at the core of our business. It’s not just in our name; it’s in our blood. It’s the essential service from which many of the others we offer have emerged. Our expert recruiters understand the concept of permanent hiring – it’s the foundation of their profession and it’s something they practice and perfect every time a challenge is set out for them. It’s a service at the core of our mission.

The Groom & Associates Difference

The smooth and successful operation of a hiring agency depends on the strength of its people. Whether it’s permanent staffing, direct hire, or even temp to perm contracts, the ability to fulfill any mandate is reliant in nearly equal parts upon networks, penetration of the relevant marketplace, knowledge of its stakeholders, and first and foremost, where to source the very best talent.

Finding candidates, sifting through the mountain of possibilities, contacting those who qualify as shortlist material, and then finally closing the deal require closely related but nonetheless quite separate skills. Many recruitment firms excel in one, sometimes two – but rarely will you encounter one that is able to navigate them all – and with such exceptional ease and agility.

That’s Groom & Associates. Direct hire recruiting is something we take very seriously. There is an acid test that stands as witness to our claims – our own personnel. If we’ve been able to achieve the successes we’ve enjoyed in over 20 years of operation in Canada, it’s because of our outstanding ability to find talent – and that began with our own. If we’ve been able to find and hire the very best recruiters in Canada then it stands to reason we can do the same for you.

Consider that finding personnel qualified to work as direct hire specialists is an HR challenge many companies are simply not in a position to make. But at Groom & Associates it’s been a matter of course. Hold this fact firmly against our impressive success rate, blue-chip clients, and their continued patronage and it’s clear why we enjoy such an impressive rate of success.

But it’s a never-ending task – and as a hiring agency we’ve worked tirelessly to maintain the momentum needed to endure 20+ years and grow to be recognized as one of Canada’s leading recruitment agencies. What’s more we recognize that only vigilance, determination, and dogged perseverance are going to keep us on top. Our calling card is our success, and we’re here to contribute to yours.

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