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Traditional banking and financial services are in a state of rapid evolution – what was once a solidly bricks & mortar business model has had to adapt to societal changes that even outpace societies’ ability to keep pace.  Transactions and interactions that were completed face-to-face are being replaced by those being made possible through the advanced technology in our mobile devices and desktops and carried across complex networks that span the globe. For many the wicket, teller and bankbook are quaint vestiges of the past.  Groom & Associates, long a player in finance & banking recruitment, has held a front seat during the emergence of the financial technology boom as a premiere fintech recruitment agency.  


Fintech staffing may have a ring of transient novelty about it, but as with the development & maturing of this important new financial industry sector it is a specialization that was inevitable.  So it was with our commitment several years ago to keep a finger on the pulse of fintech recruitment.  Because of our record of success in more traditional financial and banking recruitment it augured well that Groom & Associates should embrace the new and work diligently to become among its leaders and indeed innovators.  But what makes Groom & Associates any different than other recruitment agencies?  Claiming uniqueness doesn’t make it so, and have too much riding on a stellar reputation that have taken decades to build to rest on our laurels with the complacency other fintech headhunters find comfort with.

We approach recruitment as a science, but without forgetting that many of the set-in-stone procedures and established guidelines reap far greater rewards when they’re practiced with the flexibility and creativity an exceptional headhunter requires.  It’s not enough to know what to do, how to do it ranks higher – and that’s a skill only acquired when a critical mass of experience and expertise, knowledge and intuition, and an unquenchable thirst to excel finally join forces.  That’s Groom & Associates; intelligence, instinct, and influence.  We’ve become adept at merging all of these assets and advantages and using them as the pre-emptive cognitive filter for vast amounts of information about candidates, qualifications and career histories contained in our broad database.  Again, information without ability is next to useless – but in the hands of impassioned, engaged fintech recruiters they become grist for the mill – the fuel that powers us to connect the leading candidates to the industry’s best employers.

A top-tier fintech executive search or even a simple entry-level fintech staffing requires diligence and depth – not a copy/paste of the most recent job postings, or an ear at the door of the competition hoping to catch leftovers or a rumour as to who’s on the market and who’s burned bridges and become toxic.  We’re there, on site, in constant contact and exchange with those who are shaping financial technology, those with deep roots in their related associations and integrally involved with the latest trends in financial technology human resources.  It’s the only way to truly understand the needs and nuances of fintech employers – it’s more than keeping up with moving goalposts, it’s being on top of a game with rules that change before every play.  Groom & Associates has what it takes to anticipate and exploit those changes – and turn them to your advantage.  We’re fully prepared to take on that responsibility on your behalf, ensuring that you ultimately profit from everything this leading fintech recruiter has to offer.


Groom & Associates has proven an incredible partner in helping i2c recruit the leadership team for our new Canadian Headquarters. They were particularly good at refining the search criteria and applying it specifically to the Payment Processing industry. Thanks to candidates Groom found we've been able to assemble a great leadership team and look forward to working with them as we continue staff the office.

Cathy Corby Iannuzzelli
SVP, i2c Inc

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Fintech recruitment agencies can’t rely on old-world skills to staff new-world industries.  Financial technology will eventually come to dominate our every transaction, from the smallest corner store purchase to the intricate structuring of major investments, so it’s essential that Groom & Associates demonstrate that our recruitment experts are also experts in fintech.  While relevant expertise is a promise we make to you, it’s a commitment we’ve made to ourselves, and one undertook quite some time before we felt ready to declare ourselves specialist in fintech recruitment.  Our recruitment professionals either come directly from the field, or have undergone extensive familiarization and training emphasizing all of its facets.  Financial technology has become innate to them, and their ability to recruit for the sector unequalled.  We know, we’re recruitment experts and would never settle for second-rate when you need second-to-none.  Excellent begins at home, and if you’re looking for financial technology talent, you’ll find a home at Groom & Associates.


  • Application Support Specialist
  • Blockchain Developer & Architect
  • Bilingual Collection Agent
  • Database Developer Oracle, PL/SQL
  • Full Stack Web Developer - Intern
  • Product Manager
  • Data Engineer (ETL)
  • FullStack Developer (NodeJS, React, Angular)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Developer
  • Fintech Full Stack Software Developer/Engineer
  • Index Analyst (m/f) Equity
  • Account Manager
  • Manual QA Analyst
  • Payments Support Hero
  • Manager, Payments Technology Strategy
  • Finance Analyst
  • Finance Manager (Sales, Financing, Customer Account)
  • Software Developer in Test
  • Index Analyst (m/f) Fixed Income
  • Platform & DevOps Manager
  • Growth Hacker Intern
  • R&D Analyst
  • Implementation Lead - Fintech

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