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Groom & Associates comprehensive HR consulting service is a natural offshoot of our recruitment expertise. We touch upon every facet of HR so we’ve become a valuable resource for companies looking to establish or improve their own HR department. A finely tuned HR department is the touchstone companies depend upon to gauge and control staffing, protocol, expectations and performance. And for those corporations relocating to, or opening offices here, Groom & Associates can help make their acclimatization easier. In Canada, as in any developed economy, there exists a maze of legislation and regulations – and we know our way through them all.

The Groom & Associates Difference

Beyond the actual business sector any company is involved with lies their ability to manage staff, their interactions, effectiveness, productivity, morale, and more essentially, the hiring of staff for key positions while ensuring that new personnel are good fit, and can function in accordance with those other guiding factors.

However not all companies maintain sufficient resources to operate a dedicated HR department, and often the entire responsibility falls upon the shoulders of one person for whom HR is not even their speciality. That becomes a problem in that grey zone where a business reaches staff numbers that exceed the abilities of a single HR manager, but do not yet reflect those of a company that can easily afford to launch, staff and maintain a well-rounded HR department. Seeing as the bulk of employment and economic activity occurs at the small to medium-size business level, the need to turn to expert HR consulting firms is great and only growing.

At Groom & Associates we work with the sum of our recruitment knowledge, our relations with senior HR consultants, and the collective resources of all of our ancillary associations and so are able to offer human resources consulting at a level only the largest corporations can even begin to consider, and at a cost that is highly advantageous to small and medium-size businesses.

Our experience both as recruiters and employers means we’re fully equipped to function as your dedicated HR department. As your dedicated human resources consultant we make it a matter of continuously assessing and evaluating your staff and its place within your company – designing optimum conditions for the seamless employer/employee symbiosis, while remaining flexible enough to modify those conditions as changing economic and market forces, and manpower might demand. We’ll take charge of employee incentivizing, health & benefits modalities, temporary and permanent recruitment, and just as important, maintain clear and constant communication with staff at all levels.

Groom & Associates HR consultancy services are on an equal with any in-house option, don’t require that you take on more manpower, arrive at a lower cost, and don’t take up precious physical space. Best of all, they’re a source of uninterrupted peace-of-mind and assure you of a complete HR partner.

Here are just a few of the sectors in which Groom & Associates excels:

  • Benefits
  • Employee relations
  • Compensation
  • Compliance
  • Onboarding
  • Talent management
  • Recruitment
  • Skills and psychometric testing
  • Pre-employment verification

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