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Because of its intimate knowledge of staffing, employee management and procedures Groom & Associates can offer expert payroll services, an essential part of any businesses’ smooth uninterrupted operation. Whether it’s a small enterprise or a larger one, processing payroll is a time-intensive and highly exacting facet of administration, one where mistakes can be costly, and a knowledge of the most up-to-date federal and provincial norms are a must. For many companies payroll outsourcing is a practical and affordable solution to what can be an organizational bottleneck that exacts a toll on a finance department that already has plenty on its plate.

The Groom & Associates Difference

Opting for payroll outsourcing services can alleviate the complex processes of paying your employees and contract workers on time and according to the most rigorous standards of integrity and accountability. Full compliance with all levels of governmental jurisdiction are among the guiding principles of our business payroll services, and because we’ve been offering this service for some time our accrued know-how and knowledge has grown exponentially. At Groom & Associates we’ve be witness to, and solved just about every sort of payroll- related hitch, hiccup and crisis. We understand the way through, so the obstacles that invariably arise concerning payroll processing aren’t dead-ends, but an opportunity to show off our initiative and innovation.

We’re also adept at working with overseas clients, facilitating their Canadian hiring by including their new local and regional hires in our payroll. That way they circumvent what can be a bewildering collection of employment laws and regulations that can stymie expansion and restrict efficient and timely hiring. It’s a worry-free solution that puts peace-of-mind and simplicity at the forefront.

The best payroll services are the ones you barely notice. That’s a truth that applies to all outsourcing; when it works right it doesn’t interfere or affect with your core business, it’s simply another well-oiled part of the machine. The more time and effort you need to place upon an internal payroll department, the less you have left over for the bottom line. Groom & Associates keeps it simple. From salaries to remittances to the preparation of all your T4 and provincial (where applicable) forms our payroll processing services do more so you don’t have to.

If it touches payroll, it’s part of what we do, and we do it across Canada. Groom & Associates began as a recruitment expert, and adds to that expertise yet another related area of expertise, payroll services. It only makes sense to trust yours to a company that has proven for over 2 decades that when it comes to all things related employment that they’re a one-stop, full service solution.

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