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At Groom & Associates’ our decades-long experience in recruiting the best talent across a range of fields for both Canadian and international clients has given us given us an unmatched insight. It’s a given that for any job opening there is sure to be a flood of applicants, many won’t meet the criteria, but a sizable minority will. This is where pre-employment verification can help an employer make more astute decisions by emphasising and discerning the small differences between candidates and identifying potential factual conflicts in their resumes.

The Groom & Associates Difference

It’s important to have confidence in the veracity of a candidates past, their claims, and to know about any controversial biographical details. Often it’s just a small discrepancy or an omission, and while small percentage might choose to exaggerate their qualifications in today’s highly competitive job market others resort to complete fabrication. When a shortlist numbers in the dozens, pouring through it with the critical eye of a detective amounts to an investment of valuable time, energy, and manpower. Ironically for any company looking to hire, staff is what they’re short of in the first place so the burden becomes doubly onerous. Given these facts it’s no wonder that pre-employment testing has taken on even more importance, something Groom & Associates recognized long before it was a trend being discussed in HR and recruitment circles.

Finding candidates is daunting enough a task, establishing the parameters for a shortlist only adds to the complexities, and lastly, but probably most importantly is the effort required to filter through the hard data in the growing stack of resumés and the extra work required to sift through the work histories of those who match the employment conditions. Choosing to work with a pre-employment screening services company can make much lighter work of this intricate & involved but quite necessary step in the hiring process. Groom & Associates has positioned itself as a one-stop hiring and recruitment resource, and that includes every facet of pre-screening. It’s a natural part of our procedure and has been since our very first recruitment – and the experience we’ve acquired has become the very powerful lens through which all applicants are viewed.

The ability to read a resumé, and more critically to read between the lines of a resumé are the key to being able to form an accurate impression of a candidates’ profile. But it goes beyond the resumé. Telephone interviews, skills assessment, , employment history, authentication of education level and associated diplomas and certificates, bilingualism, social media profile synopses, criminal background checks, medical evaluations, and credit histories help cull a shortlist and ensure that the candidate that makes it to interview is deserving of the time you’ll invest in them. Pre-employment screening is an essential tool that Groom & Associates has mastered, and we have the ability to harness them to your advantage.

These are but a few of the pre-employment verification services we offer:

  • Employment References
  • Criminal background check
  • Authentication of education level, certifications and diplomas
  • Credit history
  • Current skills assessment
  • Social media profile
  • Bilingualism (i.e. English & French)

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