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Keeping up with the endlessly changing skills that almost any professional domain requires is more necessary today than ever. Degrees of specialization are constantly narrowing while the depth and breadth of the knowledge professions demand widens. This creates a constantly evolving landscape and in order to remain competitive business must ensure that staff always meets the most current qualifications. Worker evaluation is an essential service and you’ll discover that Groom & Associates excels at those that make up the core of skills assessment: aptitude, personality & behavior, knowledge & skills, performance & development, and job & company compatibility.

The Groom & Associates Difference

These core skills assessment categories are the cornerstone of worker assessment: • Aptitude – Identifies top candidates quickly and accurately, evaluating their problem-solving abilities and critical reasoning • Personality & Behaviour – Targeted questionnaires zero in on employee potential, job fit, pinpointing those behavioural traits that make up successful, motivated candidates while weeding out undesirable ones. • Knowledge & Skills – Enables employers to identify and evaluate employees’ specific skills and relevant knowledge helping streamline on-the-job training and accelerate urgent hires • Performance & Development – Provides clear, structured, and in-depth analysis of an employee’s performance and potential by using the collective results of peer and management ratings to better direct the skills of an employee to areas they are more likely to succeed in. • Job & Company Compatibility – Designed as a candidate suitability filter, it helps cull those candidates that simply aren’t right for the job. That way eventual hires are understand their role, its function and employers know they’ve hired the right employee. It speeds up and simplifies hiring while providing candidates an engaging process they enjoy and participate in fully.

Presented with such a vast range of specifically defined skills it’s no wonder that thorough testing services & skills assessment often falls outside of the principal tasks of most small and medium businesses, indeed many large enterprises as well. Rating employees according to a predictive index is complex time-intensive. Similarly applying the latest psychometric testing in order to accurately gauge professional skills can place an undue burden often at the most inopportune times.

Groom & Associates have developed a comprehensive psychometric testing procedure and are able to apply it across a wide range of sectors and disciplines. The skilled worker assessment services offered by Groom & Associates give you a distinct advantage when planning employee training and core-knowledge enhancement, allowing you to place the effort where it is needed. Professionals benefit by remaining current, and both employee and employer get an edge by being able to offer an unequalled level of competiveness.

Groom & Associates work with you to set benchmarks, evaluate soft skills, technical knowledge and expertise, current sector familiarity and evolution – and we’re equipped to do it remotely or on site. Testing services and skills assessment is no longer a luxury it’s a necessity.

Psychometric testing is smart business. Let Groom & Associates show you why.

Here is a partial list of the sectors and specialities for which we provide expert testing services & skills assessment:

  • Financial Services/Banking
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Communications/Media
  • Technology
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Consumer Brands
  • Call/Contact Center
  • Customer Service/Technical Support
  • Sales
  • Administrative/Clerical
  • Collections/Claims
  • Information Technology/Tech
  • Management/Senior Leadership

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