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Pharmaceutical Recruitment Project

Our company specializes in the development and production of plasma derivatives, an intricate biopharmaceutical manufacturing process. Once we’d selected Montreal to inaugurate our North American presence the next critical milestone was the sourcing of talent for various positions. Groom & Associates came highly recommended by one of our local contacts and after our initial meeting we were confident that this firm would facilitate our hiring needs. They successfully recruited key staff including Directors and Engineers and personnel for Regulatory Affairs, Validation, Quality Assurance, and Control, to name a few. In short, they proved to be highly experienced in pharma staffing, which they accomplished with professionalism and competence. Groom & Associates have become a true HR partner for Green Cross Biotherapeutics.

Mark Son Senior Manager, Business Planning & Operations - Green Cross Biotherapeutics Inc. [GCBT]

Administration Recruitment Expert

Marriott’s reputation was built on “great”, not “it’ll do” and we’re in a position to appreciate that a 5-star hotel can’t be without is a 5-star chef. So when this essential position needed filling it was more than a little urgent. We turned to Groom & Associates and they won our confidence by immediately grasping the intricacies of the position, demonstrating their clear understanding the profile requirements and Marriott’s screening process. They were proactive and left no stone unturned in an effort to find that rare gem we had hoped for! Based on Groom & Associates’ performance we went on to ask them find us a Director of Human Resources. Once again they came through with flying colours! Groom and Associates are great to work with and they made finding the right candidates look easy!

Brenda Rodricks General Manager - Marriott Hotels

IT Recruitment Solution

Groom & Associates were not the first recruitment agency we dealt with, but we did notice a real difference when working with them, one we came to appreciate and enjoy. They are behind the hiring of some of our best software engineers, and every last one of their selected candidates are still with us today, and were promoted within the first 2 years of their employ. That kind of success proves that Groom & Associates understands our needs, and is able to source candidates with hard-to-find skills and experience profiles. Add to that their outstanding customer service and flexibility and it’s not hard to understand why we hope Groom & Associates can be our top recruiter for a long time to come.

François Xavier Brunet Chief Product Officer – Innovative Imaging Technologies

Finance Recruitment Expert

Groom & Associates considerable versatility & flexibility are what really impresses us. Their expertise allows them to go far beyond traditional headhunting and into the search for entire corporations looking to assign their books to Manulife – that’s a tall order, and they delivered handily. They also showed their worth when it came to sourcing the best available broker talent, and we’ve come to rely on them as our “go to” headhunting asset. In short, Groom & Associates produced results where it really counts - the bottom line. Their contribution to our profitability was obvious and appreciated. That they’re just as proficient with customer service adds to their winning formula, and makes them one of our valuable resources.

Camille Estephan Branch owner at Manulife Securities – Manulife Financial

Sales Recruitment Project

We design, manufacture and commercialize cutting-edge, immersive motion systems intended for the entertainment, simulation, and training markets. As a rapidly expanding business in a sector undergoing explosive growth, hiring the right people is vital to our success. The global reach of Groom & Associates pinpointed one of the top professionals in the industry and helped us convince them that joining our team would be a smart career move. In fact, the candidate was discovered in Asia, which was an option we’d never considered. The bottom line: our new hire was in place far sooner than we expected. And because of that experience, we’ve put Groom & Associates’ in charge of sourcing all of our staff in China.

Philippe Roy Chief Business Development Officer D-BOX Technologies

Engineering Recruitment Project

Finding top talent is tough – I did it every day, and that’s on top of being a general manager at Tyco. Tyco relocated its R&D division to Montreal and I was charged with finding 75 highly qualified, highly experienced engineers. This was a mandate I had to turn over to a strong partner, one with expertise and a demonstrated ability to perform under pressure. I felt confident in my choice of Groom & Associates, and I chose well... not once did I see them break a sweat. Montreal’s R&D division was fully functional ahead of schedule and today is a big part of Tyco’s ongoing innovation and success. If I had to do it all over again Groom & Associates would be my first stop.

Tom Regh General Manager, Tyco

Accounting Recruitment Solution

Groom & Associates have been serving Dorel in Montreal for 18 years and have helped us fill many positions, principally in our finance group. Practically all of the hires completed through Groom are still with us today, a testament to the great job they do; matching the candidate to our company and our culture. Recently, Groom successfully completed a challenging mandate by placing temporary hires in our China office. They were able to source several qualified candidates from which we selected two for specific mandates. This really opens up Groom as an international placement agency for us, and we’re sure to need them again in the future given our growing worldwide presence.

Ian F.C. Farthing, CPA (CGA), CPA U.S. Group CFO, Juvenile, Dorel Industries Inc.

Marketing Recruitment Expert

“We chose the right agency to help us fill our opening.”

Our staff often has to wear many hats, and wear them equally well. That's not a case of our being too demanding, it’s just par for the course in business today, and in the additional light of strictly defined budgetary envelopes finding staff becomes a much more difficult task. Our need to fill a graphic design, content creator and digital marketer position was a perfect example. That’s 3 in 1, plus we needed someone who was fluent in both English & French. We knew it would be a tall order, but one Groom & Associates was more than up to. They have some pretty ingenious methods for sourcing personnel, eventually tracking down our winning candidate through an exhaustive search of relevant social networks, something we neither had the time nor the inclination to do. Her second interview suitably impressed the management team, convincing us that we had the right candidate, and proof that we’d chosen the right agency to help us fill our opening. 

Kenneth Maehlum Marketing Director at Valet Depot

Construction Recruitment Expert


The Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) is one of the biggest mega-hospitals being built in North America with an estimated cost of $2 billion. Merging and then relocating 3 major hospitals into a single location, the project has been underway for 6 years now and has a projected delivery date of 2021. That’s just to give you an idea of the scope – it’s bigger than big and we are glad to say that Groom & Associates has been a contributing party in staffing efforts. In fact, since 2014 they’ve sourced and placed 50 skilled professionals in construction and project administration and we continue to rely on them to help us find qualified candidates. Groom and Associates has been a solid and reliable business partner.

Marc Bertrand Manager, Human Resources / Industrial Relations - CHUM

Artificial-Intelligence Recruitment Expert

Bandsintown Canada Inc.

We were pleased, and relieved when Groom & Associates came through… Ours was a narrowly defined niche position, a Big Data Developer working with big data technologies (Hadoop, MapReduce) and large scale systems that we knew wouldn’t be easy to fill and we'd sought for many weeks via different agencies without success. We were pleased, and quite relieved when Groom & Associates came through, and they came though big – proving that they were more than capable of fulfilling this tough mandate. The very first candidate they presented to us turned out to be ideal, and in fact soon became an integral part of our critical operations. Bravo Groom & Associates, we’ll be calling on them for an encore…

Muriel Lelandais General Manager - Bandsintown Canada Inc.

Of course we have many other success stories that we would be pleased to share with you; we can meet at your earliest convenience to discuss your hiring needs. References will be provided upon your request.