The Power Of An Entire Recruitment
Department At Your Fingertips.

Virtual Recruiter is the hiring tool you’ve been wanting, and waiting for. It places the very best candidates at your fingertips, streamlines the entire process, and gives you a distinct recruitment advantage. It’s user-friendly, full-featured applicant tracking software that you can’t afford to be without.

Quickly & easily compile & classify the relevant details from thousands of résumés across a host of different file formats without the time-consuming tedium of manual entry. Virtual Recruiter is yet another example of Groom & Associates taking the lead, innovating in order to help you find the qualified professionals you’re looking for.


companies in over 12 countries growing their businesses with Virtual Recruiter!

"Finally! A software that is dedicated to recruiting the best talent! We use Virtual Recruiter for all our hiring because it’s a breeze to check certification and find candidates with the right skills."

Chad Wagner
Human Resource Manager

Be Everywhere, Instantly.

Quickly & easily find the employee you’ve been looking for! When you post with Virtual Recruiter you get much more than a listing, you get access to over a hundred job search web sites. That’s a lot of reach for little effort.

We’ll Spread The Word… When you post an opening using our exclusive Virtual Recruiter it’s simultaneously posted to over 100 job search websites. You get worldwide reach, and a much better choice of candidates.

Post A New Opening

Get up and running in no time with Virtual Recruiter’s easy-to-use job posting function. It’s one-stop simplicity that delivers results and peace-of-mind!

Virtual Recruiter...

  • Generates instant matches for your posting.
  • Sends real-time notifications of new candidate profiles as they’re created.
  • Ensures your inbox doesn’t get cluttered with unqualified candidates.

Powerful Search & Browse Features

Virtual Recruiter also allows you to perform in-depth searches within your own database according to the specific criteria you determine.

Virtual Recruiter...

  • Displays candidate diplomas, references certificates, and much more.
  • Lets you gauge their presentation skills & ability to express themselves via video introduction.
  • Reveals candidate availability in real-time!

A Time & Effort Saver

Virtual Recruiter does the heavy lifting, freeing you from having to sift through thousands of profiles, cross-referencing qualifications while helping you make sense of the results. Think of it as instant focus for your ideal candidate search!

Virtual Recruiter...

  • Pre-screens candidates according to your specific criteria.
  • Spares you the time & effort lost reviewing unqualified candidate profiles.


The current job market is as competitive as ever. For recruiters, this means jumping over a number of hurdles to get the job done. Virtual Recruiter understands this and has the perfect set of features, mandatory for every recruiting solution.

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