What We Do & Why We Do It

Groom & Associates. We’re Canada’s leading staffing agency, and that’s not a claim we make lightly, or without cause. It takes time, but over the 20 years we’ve been actively finding and delivering some of Canada’s most talented professionals to employers both large and small it’s a claim we make proudly, and one we work diligently to maintain as true. We didn’t become successful simply because we help employers fill vacancies, almost anyone can do that, including a wide range of faceless websites. We like to think we set the benchmark for all recruitment agencies, and that’s because our focus is on people, their professional relationships, and optimizing the crucial initial conditions that allow the relationship between employee and employer to begin to form a position of mutual strength and respect.

Groom & Associates is all about people. Professional recruitment in the 21st century has become complex, demanding, and is never short of surprises. That’s where we make a difference. Sure, we’re world-class head hunters, and ranked amongst the top recruitment agencies – but in the end it’s the people that have come to define us as being exceptional.

People are what we deal with each and every day. Whether it’s our clients, those we actively recruit, or our own experts here at Groom & Associates, working exceptionally well with, and for others is what sets us apart.

We’re head hunters unlike any you’ve worked with. When it comes to finding the right candidate there are no limits to the effort and intelligence we apply to ensuring that the person you hire is exactly what you were looking for. Groom & Associates recruitment experts understand the employment market – what motivates people to accept a new job and how best to position any job opening in the proper context, with the proper message so that those you hope will hear it, do. We also have a firm grasp on the constant evolution of the needs of employers and as employers ourselves share the same concerns. Then there’s our sense of initiative – Groom & Associates goes out and gets the right candidate, we don’t just look for them. This has made of Groom & Associates a reliable, resourceful partner for both employer and prospective employee.

No candidate search is easy, and there are no excuses for haste, or cutting corners or settling for “good enough”. There is no shortage of companies and professionals at all levels that settle, and they’re the ones who fall by the wayside. At Groom & Associates mediocrity is not an option, and excellence is the word that applies to everything we do, and everyone with whom we associate. We work with recruitment experts who feel the same, and seek out clients who share a similar philosophy. The result is a service we’re proud of, clients we have immense respect for, and countless candidates we’ve placed among Canada’s most coveted employers.

Choosing Groom & Associates is so much more than the mere selection of a recruitment agency, it’s an affirmation that your company is only as good as its employees and that you’ll only work with head hunters who feel exactly the same way. Our experts will help you find yours. It’s what we do, it’s what makes us Groom & Associates.

Here’s just a sample of our areas of expertise:

And we do it all with conviction, professionalism, and tireless dedication to the success of our clients, and Groom & Associates.

Our services

Groom & Associates provides the full range of candidate screening, assessment, testing and placement services, including payroll services, to meet the human resource management needs ranging from temporary placement of support staff to recruitment of senior management.

  • Permanent/Direct Hire Recruiting: We prescreen and interview candidates then present you with full profiles that go beyond the CV. We then coordinate all interviews and feedback until a hiring decision is made.
  • International Head Hunting, Executive placement / Retained Searches: Industry specific and targeted searches through our 300,000+ candidate database and multi-million active and passive job seeker networks.
  • Temporary / Temp-To-Hire / Contract Staffing / Consulting solutions: We offer a variety of flexible solutions to help with short or long term temporary staffing needs that can be on our payroll or yours. Temp-to-Hire services allow you to bring someone on for a trial period before committing to hiring them.
  • Payroll Services: Should you lack the head count or infrastructure to pay new employees, our payrolling services take care of deductions at source including government taxes and vacation pay.
  • Workforce Management / On-Site Recruitment Services: We help clients with limited human capital resources for large scale or special projects by sending recruiters to our clients’ place of business to meet candidates and coordinate interviews with hiring managers.
  • Project based recruitment / Mass hiring: Mobilization of a team of specialized recruiters for big projects. Whether in advance or at the last minute, we have the network and expertise to provide a rapid turnaround.
  • Prescreening Services: Sourcing, telephone screening, bilingual language assessments and social media profile synopses that save both time and energy before committing to interviews.
  • Testing Services: On site and remote Skill Assessments & Psychometric testing benchmark candidates’ soft skills and technical expertise.
  • Pre-employment verification: Quantitative and qualitative Employment references, Credit, Criminal and Educational background Checks

Our specialties



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Cannabis Industry

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Industries we serve

  • Food
  • Trave
  • Printing
  • Gaming
  • Aviation
  • Banking
  • Machinery
  • Cosmetics
  • Accounting
  • Real estate
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Oil & energy
  • Government
  • Construction
  • Environment
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Capital Markets
  • Medical devices
  • Consumer goods
  • Mining and metals
  • Apparel & Fashion
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical and Hospital
  • Information technology
  • E-learning and education
  • Marketing media and advertising