A Long View On The Short Term

At first glance contract and temporary staffing might appear to be nearly identical to the sourcing and hiring of any other employee, albeit for a fixed period of time. That’s the easy way to describe it, but short-term or defined duration employment is not a relationship that falls within the traditional employee/employer framework but it is one that is being increasingly used by in all sectors and by all types and sizes of companies.

The Groom & Associates Difference

The economy of the 21st century is a rapidly evolving one, and in a constant cycle of ebb and flow where only reinvention and renewal can afford it the resilience it needs to continue providing employment levels sufficient to drive consumer and business consumption and perpetuate the cycle. The definition of an employee is evolving along with the economy, and where a company might have had only long term, full-time positions as integral parts of its staffing structure, today short- term full-time and part-time positions in the form of temporary and contract staffing are taking for themselves larger slices of the pie. It’s a reaction to economic realities, and serves to reduce a businesses’ exposure to ballooning payrolls, long-term benefits obligations and the need to fulfill mandates that briefly spike the need for staff. But it also allows employees to enjoy more freedom, removing the need to stay in one place for life. For many workers the level of freedom that operating as a consultant can bring is essential to their professional development and sense of independence. It’s meant an ever- growing demand for temp to hire agencies and an explosion in their numbers, but not necessarily their expertise. That’s where Groom & Associates is different.

All of this illustrates the parallel development of contract staffing, and often long before a company can invest in a dedicated HR department, short bursts of expansion require the taking on of staff that will work exclusively on single projects that once filled, will be free to move on unencumbered by their obligations to any one company. Groom & Associate punches far above its weight as a temporary staffing and contract recruitment agency, knowledge and experienced in finding and hiring staff who themselves are adept at working within the contract or temp staff environment. We’ve become experts at creating comprehensive temporary employment contracts and providing unequalled contract staff and temp staffing services in an impressive range of sector including IT temporary staffing.

Groom & Associates have an in-depth understanding of the myriad of contract and temporary staff permutations; from the straightforward single contract hires, to incorporated consultants, specialized contract employees, to the subcontracting of entire firms.

Offering comprehensive temp and contract staffing services means being able to look at employment in a whole new way, one which is taking a greater importance in today’s rapidly progressing economy. The emergence of contract staffing didn’t catch Groom & Associates by surprise, our sense of perspective and ability to spot trends before they’re recognized as trends means we’re well ahead of the game and the rights ones to call for any and all temporary and contract staffing needs.

Here are just a few of the sectors in which Groom & Associates excels:

In addition we handle the following contractual recruitment services with more being added all the time:

  • Temporary placement
  • Temp to hire
  • Contract staffing: short and long term
  • Consulting solutions
  • Mass hiring
  • Payrolling

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