Construction Industry Recruitment Expertise at Groom

Construction Industry Recruitment Expertise

Groom & Associates, a solid business partner. They’ve sourced and placed 50 skilled professionals in construction and project administration and we continue to rely on them to help us find qualified candidates.

Marc Bertrand, Manager, Human Resources / Industrial Relations CHUM


The network

Our comprehensive database of construction professionals & tradesmen is always up to date and designed to respond to an industry that is adapting to a new world of technological advances. Whatever you need, we’ll find.

The knowledge

The world of construction is changing rapidly and requires new skill sets. Our expert construction recruiters have first-hand knowledge of the disruptions happening in the world of construction and can anticipate the exact needs of organizations to adapt accordingly.

The experience

For more than 25 years, Groom has been working tirelessly to hone our reputation as construction recruitment specialists, by acquiring the specific knowledge that allows us to operate comfortably within this industry’s norms and guidelines.

Let’s get started

Some of the construction positions we’ve recently filled

  • Construction Project Manager
  • Superintendent
  • Team lead
  • Planner
  • Health and Safety advisor
  • Estimator
  • Drafter
  • Property Manager

Our specialists in Construction Industry fields also include:

Your Engineering Recruitment Specialist

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Groom is constantly engaged with the engineering and industrial sectors to build our network of talent, thus assuring a depth and scope of candidates few others can offer.

Expertise. Success. Know-How.

At Groom, we take a different approach to construction staffing. We move first and pride ourselves on being proactive. We reach out, far, wide and deep into pools of resources that the construction industry itself has relied upon for years to source some of the finest talent.

We begin with ensuring we have the right talent, people that understand and appreciate the complexity of construction recruiting, its nuances, the vast range of professionals it encompasses, and perhaps key, where to find them. Our expert construction recruiters have a first-hand familiarity with the subtleties of the industry, an intuition for impending cycle shifts, and can adjust quickly to assure they’re always plugged into the right stream of information.

Of course, knowing where to look, and when to find the best candidates is equally important. Groom’s comprehensive database of construction professionals & tradesmen is kept current and responds as the industry changes and adapts. We’ve built our construction recruiting division to stand tall and reflect our ongoing efforts to be first among many. And true to Groom’s philosophy, being best only makes us want to try harder.

Meet our Construction Industry Division lead

Meet our team


Carole Viger-Berman

Director, Engineering, Operations and Manufacturing

Carole began her career working in sales in the textiles industry until she discovered the world of recruitment – and never turned back. A rare skill set which combines equal talent for working with candidates as for working with hiring managers, Carole demonstrates a deep ability to connect with people. At Groom & Associates, Carole maintains a particular focus on strategic executive-level recruitment across various industries, including but not limited to pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, manufacturing and consumer goods. She has worked with some of the best-known business leaders across Canada. Characterized by her thoughtful, caring nature and genuine passion for people, Carole is a seasoned recruitment professional who makes an impact on everyone she meets.