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Recruitment as a science

Intimately connected

As experts in life sciences recruitment, our comprehensive network and database of connections throughout North America give us a distinct advantage. Keeping up-to-date with the leading figures and current trends in life sciences is one of our key strengths.

Relevant backgrounds

We possess a sound understanding of specific markets within the life sciences and maintain strong relationships with influential figures in key institutions and universities. This enables us to locate, evaluate, and identify the most qualified candidates for each job opening. Many of our life sciences recruiters have advanced degrees in relevant fields, and are able to connect with candidates on a deeper level compared to others.

Decades of experience

With over 25 years of experience in life sciences recruitment, we have partnered with some of Canada's leading employers to recruit top-tier talent across a diverse range of specializations. When it comes to delivering targeted and effective life sciences staffing solutions, our clients turn to us as their trusted recruitment partner.

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Fields and positions we’ve recently filled

  • Clinical Research
  • Epidemiologists
  • Research & Development
  • Product Release
  • Scientist
  • Formulation Scientist
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Medical Director
  • Procurement & Demand Planning
  • Quality assurance
  • Validation
  • Regulatory affairs

Our specialties in science-related fields also include:

Agro-Industry Recruitment

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With over 25 years of recruitment experience, Groom has the insights, connections and experts to help you with your Agro-Industry recruitment needs.

Finding the right chemistry between a candidate and a science/pharma company requires the right experience.

Finding the right chemistry between a candidate and a science company requires the right experience.

For over 25 years, Groom has been placing life science professionals from dozens of specializations among Canada’s leading related employers. The depth and breadth of our database and network of contacts in life science staffing is a resource that puts us at the forefront of knowing who’s who, and who’s where at any given time. We understand what drives life science recruitment, and we know what the ideal profile of a candidate should be.

Our first-hand knowledge of the industry and a heightened awareness of which candidates are best suited to our client’s objectives are the filters that govern our successful selection process. This competitive advantage has secured our reputation and placed us at the leading edge of life science recruitment. At the end of the day, it’s a question of ensuring that science staffing procedures adhere to our client’s rigorous standards. It’s no wonder we’re the ones cutting-edge science HR turn to for exceptional staffing solutions time and time again.

Our science recruitment experts

To best serve an industry one has to know it well. We have more than a passing knowledge of what makes a great science candidate – we’ve been there working in the industry, not merely as spectators. Our understanding of the sector comes from our intimate association and continuing interaction with it – our recruitment specialists have experience in life sciences, and so they’re in the best position to serve it well. It’s our policy to stay top of the trends, follow developments, and always be ahead of the curve in an ever- changing, multi-faceted dynamic sector.

Meet our Life Sciences / Pharma Division Lead

Meet our team

Sarah Groom, Account Manager - Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology at Groom

Sarah Groom

Director, Science & Pharmaceutical

Sarah Groom has been significantly developing Groom & Associates’ Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Division since 2013. Sarah holds Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in medical chemistry from the University of Ottawa. She is passionate about science, but discovered that her talents would better serve the business community instead of a laboratory environment. Her science background is indispensable, as it enables her to relate to scientist candidates on a deeper level compared to other hiring managers who might only possess general knowledge. Sarah takes pride in knowing that she has helped start-ups recruit and build their core teams of specialists from the ground up. She also uses her technical background to consult with her clients’ HR departments so that they might better understand how to hire scientists, and the nature of their work. Growing the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Division by building the team and expanding the client base is Sarah’s main professional endeavour – one which combines her interest in science and her desire to help people achieve fulfilling careers.