No other emerging high-tech field in recent memory has garnered as much attention as AI. That’s because no other has the same potential for affecting such an enormous permanent influence on society. It’s no wonder then that artificial intelligence hiring is taking on more importance as the demand for highly skilled professionals reflects an expanding list of positions. AI staffing is growing alongside the field it serves, consequently Groom & Associates has placed great emphasis on its implementation in its offices across Canada.


Data science recruitment is probably as complex as its namesake suggests. It’s a facet of high-tech that has only emerged within the past few years – and while it has existed as an applied science, in academia, and to a limited extent in commerce for many decades, only recently have advancements programming languages, CPU capacity and the cumulative effect of quantum changes in computing technology and hence efficiency permitted AI to undergo a radical transformation from cutting-edge science to practical application. AI is at the forefront of science, and AI recruitment is at the forefront of those new skills Groom & Associates have been actively, and enthusiastically developing.

We’ve prioritized the hiring of our big data recruitment experts, ones that rode AI’s wave of innovation and not only understand the science, but the people who work in it, are best at it, and what it takes to get their attention. An understanding of the profile of the ideal AI, machine learning, data science, or data analytics candidate is more important here than it might be in other fields. Just as important are the resources Groom & Associates has at its disposal to source those candidates. First is a sterling network of contacts, one that can reach inside those often lesser-known places AI talent can be found. It’s often in tangential fields, and it’s almost never where it might be assumed they’ll be found. Recruitment for AI and big data requires a highly specialized approach, and a skill set that most companies haven’t yet acquired, so our services take on added relevance and offer a convenience that is increasingly sought after.

Groom & Associates has earned the confidence of clients in part because of the effort it has placed upon artificial intelligence recruitment. We’re not keen to follow, and prefer innovating at the same rate new professions join the ranks of the more established ones we’ve been expert at sourcing for over 2 decades.


We were pleased, and relieved when Groom & Associates came through…
Ours was a narrowly defined niche position, a Big Data Developer working with big data technologies (Hadoop, MapReduce) and large scale systems that we knew wouldn’t be easy to fill and we'd sought for many weeks via different agencies without success. We were pleased, and quite relieved when Groom & Associates came through, and they came though big – proving that they were more than capable of fulfilling this tough mandate. The very first candidate they presented to us turned out to be ideal, and in fact soon became an integral part of our critical operations. Bravo Groom & Associates, we’ll be calling on them for an encore…

Muriel Lelandais
General Manager
Bandsintown Canada Inc

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There’s always a lag between the emergence of a new profession and the ability of recruitment agencies to begin to understand the nuances and specifications of hiring from what at first will be a very limited bank of talent. AI staffing is a specialty in need of specialists. Fortunately Groom & Associates prepared well in advance, reaching out to recruiters who were at interested and involved in the nascent field of AI. Our AI recruiters saw it happen, they were participants, not spectators in what promises to be the greatest revolution in society since the industrial age. That alone places Groom & Associates at a distinct advantage. We know where to look, what to look for, and who to look for.

We’re here to demystify AI recruitment for you, and put at your disposal the very best talent this revolutionary industry has to offer.


  • AI Developer
  • AI Programmer
  • AI Engineer 
  • AI Research Engineer
  • Research Scientists – Machine Learning
  • Research Scientists – Operation Research
  • Applied Research Scientists
  • Data Scientists
  • Researchers
  • Deep Learning Engineer 
  • Research Engineer 
  • Machine Learning Engineer 
  • Data Analyst
  • Application Research, Developer
  • Application Research, Quality Assurance 
  • QA Automation Tool Developer for AI
  • QA Engineer 
  • Software Architects
  • UX Designer for AI products 
  • Natural Language Processing Specialist AI

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