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Not every hire is the same. While every person that contributes to your success is, when they’re at their peak performance, a vital part of the organization, there are lynchpins among them. Those individuals that can make or break the long-term success and indeed the viability of your business are among the hardest to recruit. It’s a challenge that requires equal parts strategy, charm, ingenuity, resourcefulness and timing. And it’s never easy to keep them in balance. In the strictest sense of the word, headhunting is tough work, and executive placement among the most demanding specialties within it.

The Groom & Associates Difference

An engine is comprised of a thousand moving parts, each arguably as important as the other. But without the fuel it is without potential or power. The key executive players in any organization are the inspiration that fuels it. They’re a rare breed, difficult to find and many time more difficult to convince and enlist.

While you may have a long list of demanding criteria against which your next CEO or Senior VP will have to measure up, worthy candidates are just as likely to be gauging your worth. And in the case of a retained search, the benchmarks can be prohibitively restrictive where only the most competitive salaries and benefits offers will begin to raise the interest of a candidate that’s probably sought after by many. In most cases they’re already well established, at the head of corporations or departments that have a proven track record of achievement. But isn’t that why you’re courting them?

Then there’s the rapidly growing demand for international headhunting – something with which Groom & Associates has considerable experience. Above and beyond the exhaustive search for the perfect-fit candidate, we’ve also been of invaluable assistance in helping to source and place selected candidates from around the world into Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia. Assuring a smooth, seamless transition into a local work environment can often be the key to the long-term viability of a top-level hire. Once again, Groom & Associates is there, and ahead of the game.

At Groom & Associates we’re experts at creating the right atmosphere that encourages the right candidate to seriously consider your offer. It’s all about preparing the stage, being in charge of the situation and understanding the core essence and motivation of that exceptional talent you’re trying to attract. You can’t learn those skills – you’ve either got them or you don’t. Groom & Associates have made it a point to work with executive recruiters that understand the corporate psyche – that unique, and uniquely dynamic mindset that demonstrates true executive material.

Executive staffing is probably the most exacting kind of headhunting. It’s as much an art as it is a science, and neither is easily described, understood, or explained, which is why we’ve devoted so much time and energy perfecting it.

Whether your needs are for international headhunting or local corporate recruiting Groom & Associates is the right choice.

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