4 Reasons You Should be Working With a Staffing Agency

There is no doubt that finding a job can be an arduous task that takes a long time. From sifting through listings, preparing applications, sending them out, to waiting for a response– this whole process is inefficient and can be extremely discouraging. In essence, partnering with a staffing agency means that you no longer have to go through this process alone. The agency works to benefit both the applicant and the potential employer because the agency will help applicants as well as deliver candidates to employers.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 3 reasons why you should be working with a staffing agency:

1- Preferential treatment from potential employers

A potential employer will take the time to review the applications presented to them by the staffing agency before they look at other applications they might have received through postings online. In short, the staffing agency is hired by the employer, so they typically would rather put their money to use first before sifting through independent applications.

2- A seal of approval from the agency

An agency will not present your application to a potential employer unless they can ensure that you are indeed qualified for the position. It’s no secret that job postings receive applications from candidates that don’t have the correct experience or qualifications. Knowing this, the employer can be sure that the staffing agency has vetted you properly before considering your application.

3- Valuable job search advice

Working closely with a staffing agency, you will find that the agency will often prep you for applications and interviews. Needless to say, agencies have ample experience, learning what employers are looking for. They may even have industry specific advice regarding your ideal job.

4- Connecting with a larger network

At a minimum, if you don’t snag a job right away, you will meet people in your industry through the process of working with a staffing agency. Also, as you meet with the agency, they will learn more about you and think of you for other positions in the future.

The bottom line is that working with a staffing agency is a win-win. The agency will work hard to provide the employer will quality candidates, and working with the agency will set you up for success, more so than an independent application. A staffing agency works to satisfy all the players in the equation. Drop us a line here (1-833-334-7666) to learn more about what we can do for you.