5 Reason why Facebook chose Montreal

Technology has transformed drastically over the last decade; from home devices that can understand human speech to self-driving cars. This is all thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI)AI is changing the way we interact, not only, with each other, but with our environment. However, it doesn’t stop there. AI has helped create more jobs. Groom & Associates’ AI & IT departments are booming with new clients every month. Additionally, AI has helped improve our quality of life, how we receive and transmit information, and create new opportunities.

Montreal has become one of the world’s leading locations for artificial intelligence research, so it’s no surprise that Facebook recently chose to open its fourth lab in this city. Montreal joins other Facebook AI hubs cities, such as, New York City, Paris, and Silicon Valley.

Montreal has been emerging and will continue its dominant presence in the AI community and Facebook recognizes this. We’ve listed the top 5 reasons Facebook chose Montreal as its Canadian AI hub.

1- Schools of the future:

It is not for no reason that Montreal is known as Canada’s university capital. We have a great selection of Universities, 11 to be exact. Two of which, McGill and Université de Montréal are recognized worldwide amongst some of the best. Not only that, Montreal is also known as the #1 student city boasting the biggest AI student population in the world. We also have some of the highest enrolment rates, international students and University graduates. We get it, we’re the best! Interested in studying AI disciplines? Montreal is the place to be!

2- Our Founding Father:

Is none other than Yoshua Bengio. One of three founding fathers to research a breakthrough branch of AI called deep learning. Along with his three degrees, including a PHD, there is no question that Bengio is a big name around town. He teaches at the University of Montreal, which supported him to establish the Montreal Institute for Establish Algorithms (MILA), who Groom & Associates just assisted in the recruitment of 3+ employees for their AI department. That’s not all! Bengio is also the co-founder of Element AI which is a Montréal based company focused on introducing AI into all industries.

3- A Pretty Diverse Group

Fun fact of the day; did you know that Montreal is the most trilingual city in all of Canada? This may have something to do with our culturally diverse population with which we take great pride. What does this mean for the AI industry; Access to an enormous talent pool of exceptionally qualified workers. Different cultures may have interesting ways of approaching complex problems. Additionally, with the ability to speak various languages the more international partnerships we can create!

4- Phenomenal Research Hubs:

The AI domain is developing at lightning speed and for this we can give many thanks to research and funding. Montreal houses one of the largest and most distinguished organizations of deep learning researchers, MILA. IVADO was also introduced in order to push Montreal into the top spot for AI research. In Addition many other of our Universities also have very prominent AI research hubs, which is awesome because Montreal ranks #1 in Canada for university research funding. Another win for Montreal! Speaking of funding, Montreal also gets the bulk of the Canada first research excellence fund. We have no shortage here of research and funding for artificial intelligence!

5- Hot AI Startups:

Montreal is booming with startups, we are considered the “city to watch”. Alone Montreal has approximately 2600 startups 67% of which are in the IT industry, where AI thrives. AI is an up and coming industry that is rapidly expanding; therefore the numbers are only expected to grow from there. With all start-ups come meet-up groups, we aren’t lacking in this area either with 125 groups and over 45,000 members. If you are looking to work in the AI industry, Montreal may just be the answer to your prayers!

AND there we have it! Is there really a question as to why Facebook chose Montreal as their Canadian Artificial Intelligence hub? We think not; Montreal truly is an AI city!