Why use an executive search firm?

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Karen Groom

18 December 2018 • Estimated reading time : 5 mins

Why hire an executive search firm? Here at Groom & Associates our executive recruiters hear this question all the time. There is no doubt that top talent is a necessary component to the success of any business, however some roles seem to be nearly impossible to fill. That is where an executive staffing agency comes in to save the day. Let us start by breaking it down simply.

For the unfamiliar, executive search firms offer a more specialized recruitment service for those positions where top talent is difficult to find. Such is the case for senior or executive level positions where the best candidates are not easily identifiable. Given this scenario, it is not uncommon for companies to partner with executive staffing agencies to manage the hiring process.

Allowing an executive search firm to uncover the perfect talent is beneficial in and of itself. Not only does it save the company both time and resources, it drastically minimizes the cost of a bad hire. Still unsure? Take an exclusive peak at the executive search consultancy process;

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Karen Groom

Karen Groom is the founder and CEO of Groom & Associates. Karen is recognized as a leader and a mentor in recruiting, with a deep commitment to community involvement and enhancement.

Search Wizards:

When looking to hire, where do you start? It is not uncommon for companies to post their job listings online and then wait patiently for the applicants to start rolling in. The problem here is that, not only is it time consuming, you may not be receiving the best possible candidates.

How many people are actively looking for jobs?
[Photograph of HR statistics that change the way we recruit] (2017). Retrieved from https://www.talentlyft.com/en/blog/article/77/list-of-hr-statistics-that-have-changed-the-way-we-recruit

According to TalentLyft 73% of all candidates are passive job seekers, meaning they are not actively applying to open positions. Compared to only 12% are who are actively looking and applying. That is a huge discrepancy, resulting in over half of the candidate talent pool who are not being reached and considered when we rely only on applications.

What sets executive search agencies apart is that they engage in headhunting techniques, to reach these passive candidates. Headhunters are experts in specific specialized fields and scour for top talent using their extensive personal networks and recruiting databases, exclusive to executive recruiters only. Especially important here at Groom & Associates as we have very niche markets in both our Engineering and IT recruiting departments.

Not only can headhunters reach more people, they are able to find candidates quickly. Headhunting techniques utilized by executive staffing agencies save their clients time and valuable resources that can be better used elsewhere.

Extensive Screening

The headhunting technique will reveal a pool of potential candidates that meet the specific requirements laid out by the client. However, this does not mean that every candidate is the right fit. Executive staffing agencies will take the time to screen each and every candidate before presenting them to their client. Here at Groom & Associates, our Executive recruiters conduct two preliminary interviews; a phone screen as well as an in-person interview.

The importance of the screening process should not be underestimated as this allows us to both fact- check and retrieve information that is not listed in the candidate’s resume. This saves clients the hassle of interviewing candidates who would not be the right fit. Executive staffing agencies pride themselves in delivering nothing less than the very best talent.

Coordination Experts

Once headhunters identify the best talent from the pool of candidates, coordination gears are set into motion. Time is money, making time an immensely valuable asset. Executive search firms handle the entire hiring process, so you don’t have to. Executive recruiters will handle all necessary interactions between both the client and the candidate. Including but not limited to; coordinating and scheduling times for interviews, candidate references and criminal background checks, any question comments or concerns and even salary negotiations.

Clients can thus dedicate the bulk of their time to more pressing issues in their company. Leaving every aspect leading up to the drafting of the offer letter into the hands of the executive recruiters without having to worry.

Replacement Guarantee

When the client begins drawing up the offer letter, tensions run high. Once the client receives the candidates signed offer letter everyone can breathe a sigh of highly anticipated relief. We are done, or so you would think. Here at Groom & Associates the executive search consultancy process is not quite done yet. Our Executive recruiters will keep in touch with both the placed candidates as well as their clients on a regular basis to make sure everything is going well.

Should an issue arise, where either party is no longer happy, executive staffing agencies do offer a guarantee period. During which, the executive search firm will replace any candidature which did not work out. This saves clients both the costs and time associated with restarting the search consultancy process all over again.

Executive search firms take care of the entire recruitment process for you. What is not to love? There is no longer any need to waste time or best of all, money trying to find that perfect candidate. Why not find an executive search agency to take care of it? It is our job after all and we truly love what we do.

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Karen Groom

Karen Groom is the founder and CEO of Groom & Associates. Karen is recognized as a leader and a mentor in recruiting, with a deep commitment to community involvement and enhancement.