An insurance recruitment agency needs to work from a position of strength. The insurance industry is a minefield of heavily regulated, intrinsically complicated products and services. It’s not a profession that takes kindly to the uninitiated and decades of experience are often needed where another field requires far less. The very same applies to insurance recruiting and an agency must be aware of both the industry’s needs, and difficulty that exists in sourcing the very best candidates. Groom & Associates has staffed its insurance recruitment division accordingly.


Insurance. It’s all about expecting the unexpected, being prepared, hoping for he best but being ready for the worst. But above all it’s about being responsive, flexible, and able to operate fluidly and efficiently no matter the case and across a range of scenarios where the possible outcomes are many, and their resolution impossible to assess. That’s a tall order to fill, and finding the right personnel best suited to work in this domain is only made more difficult by its stringent demands of insurance staffing.

Groom & Associates has stacked the odds in its favour by recruiting our own personnel with extensive experience in insurance and insurance-related industries. That alone gives us an edge over other insurance recruiting firms, but when combined with a database of candidates over 20 years in the making, and the ability to reach out to contacts embedded in insurance and its many related professional associations, it becomes clear no one is better positioned to find the right person.

Exploiting recruitment resources is an art, and its changing all the time, evolving alongside an industry that looks nothing like it did a decade ago, and will have completely transformed itself again 10 years hence. You need to work with an agency that is nimble and able to adjust to the rapid changes in insurance staffing norms. Groom & Associates employs all of its resources to create a shortlist of the most qualified candidates, executes a preliminary vetting and screens out any potential conflicts or suitability issues so you know that the candidates you see are the ones you’re going to want. And isn’t that what we’re here for; taking the guesswork out of a process that has as many unknowns and potential hazards as insurance itself. Think of Groom & Associates as quality insurance for each and every one of your hires.


Everything went very smoothly with our recruiter, I had a very good service. She answered quickly, was very professional and it was nice from beginning to end to work with her. In general, most of our recruitment process is done in-house, but however if a job required the cooperation of an agency, I definitely communicate with them for new projects, especially in the insurance field.   

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Caroline St-Pierre
Human Resources Advisor

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Groom & Associates has always set the bar high for itself. We can’t afford a moment’s complacency, or to rest on our laurels – a moment of inattention and we can slip from best-in-class to distant runner-up. And no one wants to work with second best. That explains in part our emphasis on experienced insurance professionals being at the helm of our insurance staffing. They’re also there because we insisted on hiring the very best, and coincidentally it was our already deep knowledge of the industry that allowed us to staff our department at such high levels of expertise. They’ve been there, they’ve contributed to drafting complex customized insurance policies, worked to settle some of the most complex claims, and have been exposed to, or have a strong knowledge of every career path within the insurance industry. They have the knowledge, but more importantly they have the experience. Let Groom & Associates put them to work for you so you won’t have to leave your next hire to the vagaries of chance.


  • Plan Administrator
  • Consultant, Group, Life and Disability
  • Service Representative
  • Insurance Agent
  • Claims Adjuster
  • Underwriter
  • Fraud Analyst
  • Case Manager
  • Group Savings and Retirement Representative
  • Financial Security Advisor
  • Product Manager
  • Actuarial Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
  • Security and Risk Officer
  • Audit Manager
  • Claims Processor
  • Compliance Associate
  • Operations Manager

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