Agro-Industry Recruitment Experts at Groom

Agro-Industry Recruitment Experts

The first contact with Groom & Associates convinced us that we’d found the right partner. Groom & Associates’ professionalism, expertise, speed, and efficiency in what is considered to be a highly field specialized more than exceeded our expectations.

Yoram Adler, Partner, Archer Adler

When it comes to Agribusiness Recruiting, helping our clients grow their business is 2nd nature to us.

The right experience

With almost 3 decades of experience, we can draw upon resources few other recruitment agencies have at their disposal, which means we’re well-prepared for any challenge in the Agribusiness Industry.

The right approach

As you’ll soon see, we work and think differently. In fact, we consider each agro recruitment mandate to be one-of-a-kind. This means we won’t apply cookie-cutter solutions across the vast range of challenges highly specialized industries like the agro industry often requires.

The right network

Our vast network of contacts combined with a staff of world-class agro industry recruitment experts means we’re in a continuous conversation with the top leaders, suppliers and educators in the agro industry. This tight connection allows us to scout for candidates long before the need arises, knowing who’s who, where they are, and how to attract them.

Ready to find the right candidate?

Agro-Industry positions we’ve recently filled

  • Quality Assurance director
  • Quality Assurance / Research & Development
  • Business Development Manager / Cosmetic & Medical Marijuana Testing
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Biotechnologist
  • Marijuana and Cannabis Expert
  • Production & Formulation
  • Oil Product Processing Specialist
  • Production Manager
  • Authorized Health Care Practitioner for Medical Marijuana
  • Marijuana Specialist And Analyst
  • Lead Pharmacist

Cannabis industry recruitment requires a unique approach.

At Groom, the decades of experience we’ve acquired sourcing professionals for other industries is a definite advantage for this new one. Our wealth of expertise allows us to draw upon resources few other recruitment agencies have at their disposal, preparing us for the substantial employment requirements of legalized, regulated cannabis production.

An impressively sizable database that’s in constant growth and evolution.

We believe it’s vital to stay in the loop so we’re in a continuous conversation with leading elements within the industry, its suppliers, and educators. And we’re scouring our vast network of contacts, scouting for candidates long before the need for them arises, knowing who’s who, where they are, and how to attract them.

Taking the initiative. Leading the way

We work differently, we think differently, and we consider each mandate to be one-of-a-kind, whether you require full-time, temporary, contract, or ultra-specialized skills. These are all qualities that are needed in this new field where official knowledge is little known.

In short, we get it. We’ve done the footwork, the groundwork, and our homework. When we proudly claim that we’re more than up-to-speed with the needs and nuances of the cannabis industry recruitment, we mean it.

Meet our Agro-Industry Recruitment lead

Meet our team

Sarah Groom, Account Manager - Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology at Groom

Sarah Groom

Director, Science & Pharmaceutical

Lynne Goguen, Recruitment Manager at Groom

Lynne Goguen

Recruitment Manager, Science & Pharmaceutical