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Sales. They’re the cornerstone of commerce, and while they usually occur at the tail end of a long chain of enterprise, it’s the wheel upon which the cycle of our economy turns. And while our economy relies on sales, sales rely on relationships; understanding the needs of consumers and buyers along the entire transactional chain. Today sales is much more than the shop floor clerk; it’s an army of sales personnel whose interdependent efforts move transactions down the pipeline and transform a lead, or a casual shopper into a confirmed purchase.

The Groom & Associates Difference

At Groom & Associates our sales recruiting division takes into consideration all of those essential steps and understands the relationships between all of the people involved in the course of commerce. There’s an almost endless list of sales-related professions that make up the segment, and knowing where to find, and how to evaluate them is critical to the bottom line. We’re here to make sure that your bottom line is always top of mind by making available to you the best sales talent we can find. And no one else is better placed to place them better than Groom & Associates.

There’s nothing that says you can’t search for, evaluate a shortlist, interview, and select sales candidates internally. It’s an option. So is working nights, weekends and holidays. But ultimately that’s probably going to prove to be more tiring, frustrating, and if time can be considered a measure of money, more expensive than you bargained for. There’s a sound reason many of Canada’s top corporations turn to Groom & Associates as their sales staffing agency – our job is jobs. It’s all we do, and after over 20 years of honing our skills we’ve become exceptionally good at it. And unlike many other recruitment agencies, we move the process forward, we’re not satisfied with letting candidates come to us, we go them; where they work, and where they study. Calling upon Groom & Associates for your next sales staffing hire eliminates the guesswork, the legwork, and ensures your organization remains at work without undue interruption or slowdown.

Flexibility, availability and quality. It’s what you expect from those you hope to hire to help consolidate and expand sales. We’re happy to affirm that it’s also what you can expect from Groom & Associates. On time, on brief, and on call responsiveness to your sales staffing requirements. Nothing else will do, and if there’s a way, Groom & Associates finds it, and that’s probably because we devised it in the first place. We’re constantly reinventing the science of recruitment, staying one step ahead of the trends and setting a few along the way. That way the sales staff we source and propose to you is qualified and ready to get down to work the day they walk through your doors. Sales are a people-oriented skill; interpersonal relationships, the ability to contact and connect, to close any sale or navigate through any transaction to successful completion depend on conviction and determination. Not everyone within the sales sector possesses these attributes, and those that do are not only in high demand, they’re courted and coveted by your competition. If you’re not keeping tabs on who’s out there, you can be sure they are.

Groom & Associates are experts at spotting and recruiting sales staff for all levels of seniority and into any of the positions along the sales pipeline. Keep your sales moving, and keep all of the parts of what is becoming an increasingly complex machine of commerce well oiled and working collaboratively at all times. After all, what good are sales if they’re not reaching their full potential?

What our clients are saying...

We design, manufacture and commercialize cutting-edge, immersive motion systems intended for the entertainment, simulation, and training markets. As a rapidly expanding business in a sector undergoing explosive growth, hiring the right people is vital to our success. The global reach of Groom & Associates pinpointed one of the top professionals in the industry and helped us convince them that joining our team would be a smart career move. In fact, the candidate was discovered in Asia, which was an option we’d never considered. The bottom line: our new hire was in place far sooner than we expected. And because of that experience, we’ve put Groom & Associates’ in charge of sourcing all of our staff in China.

D-BOXPhilippe Roy
Chief Business Development Officer
D-BOX Technologies

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Our Sales Recruitment Experts

Sales pipeline is more than an expression; it’s a carefully constructed system with a myriad of associated personnel. Groom & Associates Sales have an exceptional familiarity with all of the positions that make up sales because they’ve been there, active within it before moving into recruitment. That allows for insight few others can claim. They’ll take the time needed to evaluate your actual needs and find the right candidates that will contribute to your objectives, both near and long-term. It’s more than just scouring the right databases and posting ads – our head hunting and recruitment experts reach out and contact the most promising prospective hires, bring them to your attention, and work towards closing the deal – something any competent sales professional is sure to appreciate. Groom & Associates is where your next spike in sales begins, and that begins with a phone call to one of our sales recruiting experts.

Here are just a few of the sales staff positions we’ve filled for our clients:

  • Field Sales Operations Manager
  • Technical Sales Representative
  • Sales Director
  • Sales Representative - Textiles Industry
  • Packaging Sales Representative
  • Field Sales Operations Manager
  • Sales Representative - Food Industry
  • Investment Sales Associate
  • Technical Sales Manager
  • Commercial Sales Representative
  • Institutional Sales Manager
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager (Banking / Payment)
  • Coordinator / Project Manager (Large-Format Printing)
  • Printing Sales Representative
  • Corporate Partners Representative
  • Sales Representative (Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices)
  • Financial Sales Representative - Business Development
  • Travelling Commercial Sales Representative
  • Territory Sales Manager
  • Financial Research - Sales
  • Director of Sales & Marketing - Hotel
  • Business Development Manager - Digital Platform
  • Head of US Sales & Marketing

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