10 Pro Tips From Headhunters on Getting Found

Career Tips | by Miriam Groom | June 15th 2017

Finding a job is a skill that requires focus & dedication, just like the job you hope to find. Head-hunters have a wealth of experience when it comes to the dos & don’ts of finding the perfect job.

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The Three Pillars of Great HR Leaders

Recruiting & HR Tips | by Miriam Groom | March 24th 2017

Now more than ever, employees demand a culture that promotes transparency, growth, equality, and inclusiveness. As a result, the modern successful HR leader has taken a much more active, central role in the organizations they represent. Today’s successful HR professional must adhere to these three basic pillars to maximize the impact of their people.

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How to Build a Resume Worth Reading

Career Tips | by Miriam Groom | March 17th 2017

The average recruiter spends a brief amount of time looking at a resume before deciding if a candidate is worth an initial phone screen. It’s a harsh reality, but fortunately for you, most applicants play it safe and stick to generic templates when showcasing their experience. Each one of our tips focuses on maximizing the impact you have on the people responsible for getting you in the door.

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Evaluating Employees: Tips, Tricks, and Pitfalls

Recruiting & HR Tips | by Miriam Groom | February 17th 2017

Investing in your people means understanding each individual employee and how they interact with the broader team. It may seem like a daunting task, especially for larger organizations, but the best HR programs share one key characteristic: they can justify the purpose of each element of their processes.

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Balancing Work and Life: When Less is More

Productivity | by Miriam Groom | February 10th 2017

Although there are many benefits to our connected world, many employees are finding it difficult to separate career responsibilities from their daily home lives. A new French law now defends an employee’s “right to disconnect” by requiring businesses with 50 or more employees to set hours when workers should refrain from answering work-related emails. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, these laws increase employee productivity and make for happier workers.

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Attracting Technical Talent: How to Stand Out Above the Crowd

Recruiting & HR Tips | by Miriam Groom | January 27th 2017

Canadian economy is expected to create 218,000 new tech jobs by the year 2020. Companies all over the country are struggling to fill technical roles, often competing for new and recent graduates. With a shortage in talent, the best approach is to stand out above other businesses and attract the best people to your team by implementing these top hiring strategies.

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Five Reasons the Best Employees are Leaving Your Company

Recruiting & HR Tips | by Miriam Groom | January 20th 2017

One of the biggest operating costs for any company is employee turnover. Excessive turnover costs tens of thousands of dollars per year in terms of hiring and training costs. Here are five of the top reasons that your enterprise might be losing its talent.

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Seven Tech Company Recruiting Strategies Any Company Can Use

Recruiting & HR Tips | by Miriam Groom | December 20th 2016

Whether you’re Google, or “the next Uber-for…”, a multi-national corporation or an agile start-up, money may make the world go-round, but it’s talent that will make your company thrive. Here are the top tech company recruiting strategies that will give you company an edge.

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Top 5 Pieces of Advice to Surviving your First Job after University

Career Tips | by Stephanie Negreanu | April 3rd 2016

University teaches us everything we need to know to survive in the real world- researching, writing papers, how to stay up all night studying for an exam and how to live on a student budget. But what about how to apply everything you’ve learned in that textbook into real life situations?

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Top 5 Ways to Engage Millenials

Recruiting & HR Tips | by Stephanie Negreanu | March 14th 2016

Millennials are entering the workforce and they are here to stay… or are they? The new generation of hires are looking for jobs rather than a career, which can benefit their end goal and their resumes. When it comes to engaging and retaining millennials, employers should adapt their management style in order to accommodate the “me” generation. Here are the top 5 ways employers can engage their new hires and ultimately keep them for the long haul.

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