Top 5 strategies for recruiting Engineering candidates

Top 5 strategies for recruiting Engineering candidates
Miriam Groom, VP Sales & Marketing
Miriam Groom

9 June 2022 • Estimated reading time : 5 mins

Any organization looking to recruit engineering candidates needs to have a well-thought-out plan. You can use many strategies when recruiting engineers, but not all of them will work for every company.

Engineers have many options when it comes to finding a job, so you need to make sure your organization is appealing to them. This post will outline five of the most effective strategies for recruiting engineers and discuss why each one is successful.

1. Have An Attractive Engineering Culture

One of the best ways to recruit engineering candidates is to have an attractive engineering culture. That means having a workplace conducive to creativity and innovation, where engineers can work on exciting projects that challenge them intellectually.

To create an appealing engineering culture, you need to invest in your team by providing them with the resources to do their best work. This includes things like an exemplary hardware/software setup and opportunities for training and development.

If you can create an environment where engineers can thrive, they’ll be more likely to want to join your team.

2. Offer Competitive Salaries And Benefits

Understandably, not every company can offer top dollar salaries to their engineering candidates. However, you can compensate for this by providing competitive benefits and perks. Some of the best benefits to offer engineers include things like a great retirement plan, paid time off, flexible work hours, and free food and drinks.

By offering these benefits, you can make your company more appealing to potential candidates. And, since engineering salaries are on the rise, you may be able to compete with larger companies even if you can’t offer them the highest salary.

Insurance is also a big draw for engineering candidates, so make sure you offer a good health insurance plan.

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3. Promote A Positive Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest reasons engineers leave their jobs is that they burn out, which can happen when they’re working long hours and don’t have enough time outside of work.

One way to combat this is to promote a new-age work culture that values mental well-being. Giving employees an exercise room, allowing them to take time off for vacation, and having a reasonable hours policy are all great ways to promote a healthy work-life balance.

If you can show potential candidates that you care about their wellness, they’ll be more likely to want to work for you.

Post-Covid Normal

Since the pandemic, many employees expect to work from home, job sharing, and other accommodations. Companies that have not altered their Employment Policies since may find themselves at a disadvantage in recruiting top talent.

The 4-day week is also gaining traction, so it might be something to consider if it can be done without adversely affecting the company financially.

4. Be Descriptive

Platforms like ZipRecruiter and Indeed are great for finding candidates, but you need to make sure your job posting is attractive to engineers. That means being descriptive and listing out the responsibilities and requirements of the job.

In addition, you should highlight the benefits of working for your company. Remember that candidates might browse through dozens of job postings, so you need to make sure your company stands out from the rest.

Make sure your job posting is clear, concise, and easy to read. And be sure to list out the skills and experience you’re looking for in a candidate.

5. Ask Away

A CV and background check can tell you about a potential candidate, but there’s no substitute for talking to them directly. Ask them about their experience, their skills, and their goals.

The best way to determine if someone is a good fit for your company is to talk to them. By asking the right questions, you’ll be able to get a better idea of whether or not they’re a good fit for the job.

You’ll also get a feel for how they might interact with the rest of your team. If they seem like a good fit, you can move forward with the hiring process.

6. Hire Fast

Once you find a good candidate, don’t wait too long to decide. There is currently a shortage of engineers, so you may lose out on a good candidate if you wait too long.

If you find someone who is a good fit for the job, don’t hesitate to extend an offer. And be prepared to move quickly if they accept. Have your training materials ready, and make sure you have the necessary approvals.

7. Keep Them Satisfied

Finally, make sure you do everything to keep your new employee happy. You’ll never be shielded from poaching, but you’ll be less likely to lose someone if you can make your company a great place to work.

Encourage them to voice their opinions and allow them to learn new things. Make sure they feel like they’re a valuable part of the team.

If they seem ready to leave, investigate what might be causing the dissatisfaction. Address the issue and see if there’s anything you can do to rectify it.

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Miriam Groom, VP Sales & Marketing
Miriam Groom

Miriam Groom is a nationally renowned Industrial & Organizational Therapist and HR Strategist specializing in strategic and innovative talent management & workforce transformation strategies that are highly employee-centric.